Financial processes with SAP FI/CO

A global logistics and transportation provider was facing significant challenges in its financial processes due to a fragmented system landscape and many manual steps

The problem


Manual process steps proved to be time-consuming and error-prone, leading to delays in reporting and poor payment practices.


Existing financial systems were not integrated, which made it difficult to report and analyze the financial figures holistically.


Master data was not set up properly in the course of the S/4HANA transformation which led to additional manual effort.

The solution


With the support of Vicoland Consulting Services, the client decided to bring a specialized Vico with industry expertise on board.


A comprehensive SAP FI implementation, including the introduction of a centralized chart of accounts and the automation of accounts payable and accounts receivable.


Integration of SAP CO to enable detailed cost analysis and profitability assessments.

About the company

The company focuses on truck transportation in western Europe since the 1970s.



Company size:

900 employees

Vico size:

17 members


"The Vico had the necessary expertise in both SAP FI/CO and the logistics industry, guaranteeing a smooth execution of the project."

Vico "Rational" introduce themselves

We are an experienced team of SAP specialists focusing on finance in the manufacturing and logistics industry.


Michael B.

Vico Lead

Experience: 22 years

Responsibility in the project: Project management


Christoph I.

Solution Architecht

Experience : 12 years

Responsibility in the project: FI/CO architecture


Esli R.

SAP CO Expert

experience :TBD

Responsibility in the project: Validation and extraction of data


Gwendo S.

Accounting Expert

Experience: 26 year

Responsibility in the project: Automation of accounts payable and accounts receivable


Mateusz K

S/4HANA Consultant

Experience: 7 years

Responsibility in the project: Training und change management

Group 1376 (3)

Vico members