Digitalization of procurement processes with SAP Ariba

Project team from Vico "Heracles"

A technology company was facing significant challenges in its procurement processes due to inefficient manual processes and a lack of transparency in supplier communication.

The problem


Manual procurement processes were causing delays, inefficiencies and a lack of visibility across the supply chain.  


The lack of integration of procurement systems made effective collaboration with suppliers difficult.  


Manual management of contracts and supplier data led to errors and compliance risks.

The solution


Implementation of SAP Ariba to digitize the entire procurement process, from request for quotation to invoice processing. 


Introduction of catalog management and contract management in SAP Ariba to efficiently manage supplier contracts and item data. 


Integration of SAP Ariba into the existing SAP systems for seamless process handling.

About the company

The technology company has specialized in innovative solutions in the telecommunications industry. 



Company size:

1100 employees

Vico size:

6 members


"Vico's expertise in SAP Ariba has been instrumental in transforming our procurement processes and increasing efficiency in the supply chain."

Vico "Heracles"

"Our dedicated team of SAP Ariba experts are focused on helping companies digitally transform their procurement processes."

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Renate L.

Vico Lead

Experience: 28 years

Responsibility in the Project: Project management

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Anne W.

Ariba senior consultant

Experience : 24 years

Responsibility in the Project: Contract management in Ariba


Louisa V.

ISM consultant

Experience: 9 years

Responsibility in the Project: Integration into current SAP systems


Robert H.

ISM consultant

Experience: 9 years

Responsibility in the Project: Integration into current SAP systems


Julia B.

Compliance and legal consultant

Experience: 10 years

Ensuring contract compliance


Sven M.

Solution architect

Experience: 10 years

Responsibility in the project: Architecture setup