Implementation of SAP MM and PP at a medium-sized chemical company in the course of the S/4HANA transformation

Project team from Vico "Moving Titans"

Addressing critical efficiency and integration challenges in materials and production management at a German company.

The problem


Inefficient warehousing and materials management, resulting in high costs and material shortages at the same time.


Lack of adaptation of the SAP system to specific requirements of the consumer goods market and to modern data analysis and reporting needs.

The solution


SAP MM was introduced to optimize warehousing and materials management, this supports all aspects of materials management (planning, procurement, storage and control).


SAP PP was implemented to improve production planning and control. This enables detailed production planning, efficient capacity planning and minimization of production costs.


Training and change management workshops were offered to familiarize employees with S/4HANA and the Fiori user interface.

About the company

The long-established chemical company specializes in liquid chemicals with a global B2B customer base. 



Company size:

1500 employees

Vico size:

6 members


"The Vico's implementation of SAP MM and PP has significantly enhanced the our operations. The expertise and commitment of the Moving Titans has played a crucial role in achieving this success."

Vico "Moving Titans"

"Our team of experienced SAP experts is passionately focused on using SAP MM and PP to improve production and planning processes in the chemical industry."


Manuel R.

Vico Lead

Experience: 20 years

Responsibility in the project: Project management


Sven L.

MM Senior Consultant

Experience : 9 years

Responsibility in the Project: MM implementation


Ron W.

PP Consultant

Experience: 7 years

Responsibility in the Project: SAP PP Implementation


Tom S.

Data Migration Specialist

Experience: 8 years

Responsibility in the Project: Verification and Coordination of the data migration


Michael L.

SAP Fiori Expert

Experience: 10 years

Responsibility in the Project: Introduction of the FIori interface into the system


Mia R.

S/4HANA Consultant

Experience: 15 years

Responsibility in the Project: Training and change management